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Spin Palace review

So, I’ve tested so many games at www.spinpalace.com and I thought it would be a great idea to let you in (interested fellows) on what the casino site is all about, types of games you can play, how much you can win on first deposit and so on.

Note: This only one perspective of the site. You will most likely have your own opinion about it after indulging for some time. While I’m bent on making this a very positive review, feel free to challenge or disagree at whatever point you deem necessary. Most importantly, share, like and comment your thoughts!

Now, guys, let’s get this show on the road.


Since opening its gates in 2001, Spinpalace has been in the business of producing killer casino games for every level of player — beginner, average player and veterans. Players from different parts of the world (Canada, Australia, England, Newzealand and others) join to compete or co-op in the quest to win massive jackpots or be in luck to earn rewards of as much as $1000.

About the owners

The platform is managed by the Palace group. Not only are their works at Spin Palace commendable, but they are likewise notable at other casinos like Ruby Fortune and the Cabaret.


Important: This part of the information is a must-check for every site you want to play games on — not just for Spinpalace.

What does this mean for you?

Simply that endorsements say a lot in this industry. They show how credible and trusted sites are.

Good news!

Spin Palace Casino is approved by eCOGRA and Malta Gaming Authority. Both are respected and renowned casino games’ licensing bodies. Yes, you read that right, and as such there’s no-fuss about losing money or delayed withdrawal time.

Sign in

To log in, every prospective player will need to register for a unique account. Persons under consideration of becoming members will also have to meet the stated requirements and at the same time be ready to agree to the given rules, terms and conditions. Unique accounts can only be issued by the website, no second or third parties are involved in making the decision.

I will give a rundown of what they are in the coming sections.


Fair enough, Microgaming is the sole provider of their games. As it turns out, Microgaming is a first-rate Uk-based company and brains behind some of the biggest online casino software. They have been part and parcel casino games design since as far back as 1994. Their soft skills have lead to the creation of stuff like Sportsbook, Poker, Thunderstruck, and other epic games.

Games to play at Spinpalace

In my experience, Spin Palace is host to so many exciting games. The site boasts more than 600 table games, slots and special amusements. From acquiring the newest games of Microgaming to publishing a list of casino top winners, Spin Palace is sure the premium destination of gamers in this 2021.

But they don’t stop there!

Each year, the games catalog is updated with an unmatched selection to keep the playground alive and make sure players never run out of new adventures to take on.

So, whether you want to spin your luck in Baccarat or Roulette tables or prefer the magical video, jackpot and progressive slots, Spin Palace has got all the sweetheart spots for you to try out. What’s more, you can play just for fun or for the money! Whatever choice it is, download the mobile or go via your browser to get in touch with.

Mobile casino games

You are allowed to thrill yourself on your smartphones or tablets with all of the addictive games available on the live casino and other sweet spots. Make sure to check out Spin Palace’s mobile gaming. Players can register either on the browser or download the mobile app on their Android or iOS cell phones and even on flash. Best of all, the opportunities are infinite with several tables devoted to every kind of match you decide to play on.

Free games

Free games are another interesting aspect is that there are a number of offers to reach for, both on the live mobile casino games and other channels. Again, you can install all your choices on your flash, Android, iOS, or Windows devices. Take your pick of classic tables as well as those that put plenty of free spins on the action.

Or differently, treat yourself to a Classic Baccarat or get a mix of hot and sweaty with the infamous Macau-style Squeeze ritual. Currently played at most original bean-shaped tables, Live Baccarat games at Spin Palace let you place bonus bets, speed it up, slow it down, and even turn it all around and do the Squeeze yourself!

Find out just how great Live Blackjack looks when you play on mobile casino. From standard and VIP tables to Blackjack Party tables, you can play for all the incredible opportunities to beat the dealer.

Live casino

I did play a bulk of live casino games. They are cool, but my favorite part was the thrill of playing these games with actual online casino dealers — particularly the classics. I also took a tour to find out what other live games at Spin Palace were like. To be honest, the more I found, the more I wanted to win!

By the way, these online games run 24 hours. No matter at what time you go into the lobbies or take on the different tables, you can discover a variety of rather interesting and famous games. Preferably, I went for those tables with games of particular styles where I could equally bet on distinct sets. In all, they tested my abilities at handling both the tough games and the easy ones.


It’s true Spin Palace describes Roulette as the King of Casino, but I think that only reading about it without the real experience does not paint the complete picture. For instance, there are other Roulette genres like American, European and French at Spin Palace! They all hold a peculiarity too. These are just a few. Besides, each and every one of these games match the world-class certification. It simply means you’re stocked with a premium list of such games approved by the licensing authorities.

Other Roulettes include gold and royale as an addition to this feature.

Video poker

For fans of Video Poker (I don’t very much like it), Spin palace makes it a priority to keep players in the play. As of now, Video Poker is still one of the leading online casino games in the world. There is a broad range of great Video Poker games like Jacks, Better and other common versions.


On the other hand, Keno games offer a lottery or bingo-style match. It is suitable for instant play and entertainment. Ultimately, this is the kind of game I’d like to take my time with — there’re so many locked up gains. In addition to that, I learned from Spin palace that Keno’s games are inspired by the Grand Wall of China. They’ve literally generated some cash used to build a part of the wall.

Fun fact: The games are enjoyable and simple to play. You also stand a good place to maintain the gigantic jackpots that you find there!


Coming white-hot from Spin palace is Baccarat. The game is super easy to play and unbelievably so much fun. I’ve checked the games here. They are extremely profitable and frequently favored by heavy rollers. Baccarat also offers several title tags preferences that match the interests like classic games, multi-hand games, etc.

Spin Palace slots

Since the start of the twentieth century at bars in the Brooklyn and San Francisco district, where three rolls embellished with bright basic images were simple games, slots have been with us. On this, you may ask: What is a casino without slots games to enjoy?

For plenty of years, slots have been vital to every casino session. This has much to do with their instant benefits and adrenals they bring alongside bright colors and beautiful graphics. The main Language is English.

At Spin palace casino there plenty of lucrative slot-machines. Now, let’s talk about them briefly:

Classic slots

Classic slots are very much like the first slots that existed in the 1900s They are likewise called the reel slots. I noticed there are only 3 carreets with little or no pay lines. Additionally, the graphics appear easy on the eyes and have symbols inspired by ancient school models. I’d say that the visuals are what stand out. Some of the symbols include fruit and dollar signs and bars.

Progressive slots

I bet many times on progressive slots. For each one of my bet bundles, progressive jackpots were included. This implies that my rewards were much larger than anything a separate game can ever grant. By using this strategy, I won reasonable amounts. Since I’m not sure if this works for everyone, my suggestion to you is to play more for the fun of it rather than expect too much and be disappointed if unfortunately the bet is lost.

Video slots

Video Slots are created to match specific topics and are bent on showcasing good graphics and sounds.

But here’s the deal:

The main idea of video slots is to launch special features and offer several bonus rounds. The bonus rounds in turn keep players motivated to stay longer on the slots.

I’ve played all the games here. They are centered around characters from blockbuster movies and television shows. Sometimes, they are a middle ground between old mythology and bizarre humor.


I find this part of Spin palace’s creativity really cool. Every game’ category is represented. It boils down to separate tournaments for Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker.

How does it work?

Basically, you’re going to enter tournaments and then get rewarded with some credits. You will need some time to figure out the rules and how the games work. Essentially, understanding the game objectives also help with winning.

But no pressure there. Even if you don’t pull off a lot of success at the start, you will eventually learn the ropes after a couple more times.

Finally, at the end of the rounds, the players with the highest scores join the next level while one player is dropped off.

Bonuses and Promotions (real money and free spins)

There is a wide range of cutting-edge games that go from the newest editions Microgaming games to already existing ones. There’s also a price on each of them for you. The matrix of the rewards is that the better you play, the more bonuses you’re rewarded. With more than four hundred players on SpinPalacecasino, there are about 97 percent payout ratios. New winners are shortlisted daily.

You’re at leverage to win amazing sums and not just because their payouts are among the best, but they also provide first-timers mega valuable subscription bonuses. Players who are on the current membership of Spin palace’s loyalty club have various promotional offers and also give players day’s special reciprocal prize.

Welcome bonus

This is why all players are provided free $1,000 when they register a real money account. Players are considered in the most beneficial ways immediately, when they join the Spin Palace casino club.

First deposit bonus

After you’ve made your first deposit, a match up bonus of 100 percent will be awarded you. To make your first deposit, go through their payment server because it’s safe and intuitive to use. Once you’ve nailed the signup and deposit processes, your account will be matched up to a sum of $400 with 100% of your deposit.

Second deposit bonus

The second deposit comes with a 100 percent bonus As soon as you top up, a total of $300 is transferred to your account, making it a 100% deposit bonus match up.

Third deposit bonus

The third deposit bonus is again set at100 percent. Immediately you deposit, extra free cash will be yours. Another $300 bonus will be sent you.

VIP corner

Spin Palace Online VIP stamp for players indicates that every single day that you play will be filled with very uniques rewards. For example, you will have access to VIP tournaments, play very intriguing matches and gain massive bonuses from the site like a ride in a Porsche and trip to a 5 Star holiday in the city of Venice.

Bonus codes /promo code

All clients of Spin Palace earn deals and bonuses from time to time with the help of a bonus code. The casino makes sure of this. You will receive a notification to your account as well as email when every bonus tied to you will be sent. But the catch is that there are requirements, and benefactors will have eligible otherwise, they may not be in line to be paid. Also, only registered players can use the promo code.

Security and privacy

Let me be very honest. I didn’t have any privacy no security bugs at SpinPalace. These guys take great care that all your information is safe and protected alike. For players to prevent unauthorized access, they will need to follow and maintain data security issued by the management. A significant part of it is with the correct input of user information to enable them to better protect you. <>These protection terms vary according to the sensitivity of the information collected and stored and apply to all players including those in canada.

A deeper look into the procedures and controls behind Spin Palace’s user information protection points to the following.

  • Securing your space in their network which includes both intrusion prevention and safeguarding firewall systems; encrypted communications;
  • Authentication and access control.

They are trying the hardest to ensure that privacy is not breached. However, the company also states that they are not liable for the actions of those gain unauthorized access to services.

Deposit vs withdrawal time


Different means of efficient deposit are given. All data provided by players during transactions are transmitted using encrypted protocols which in turn keeps such information secret. You can select the most convenient way to make a deposit or withdraw.

Deposit options include:

  • Credit Cards
  • E-check
  • debit cards,
  • Ukash

Withdrawal times and withdrawal for players in Canada and abroad

Withdrawal times are unrestricted and take effect within 24hours of winning money. You can also receive money via options like Visa, Mastercard or electronic cheque, etc.

If you’re not sure of how to receive payments, I will show you in 5 steps.

  • Choose your banking option through the home screen or account.
  • Click on the banking option.
  • Click on the means of withdrawal that you prefer.
  • Input the sum you want to receive.

Here’s a word of caution:

In case the payout process fails, the contact number of Spin Palace Casino for help is (866) 720-0095

Loyalty program

This is another significant attraction of Spin Palace Casino. Loyalty club helps players leverage the casino’s generosity. If you frequently visit and play on the platform, you can win great bonuses through the loyalty program.

To win at the loyalty club, you will need a VIP. account as well as deposit money into it. Once you’ve got those in check, sign in to your account.

You can create money wagers and play different matches, and at the end, all loyalty points you’ve won will be credited into your account. Also note that distinct loyalty levels exist. The levels depend on the wager set up.

As you earn more points, lower set up levels will show more advantages to you. Such offers can be retrieved with a certain percentage in interest and are then sent to the free credit bonus balance

The free bonus credit levels can be used in games for a win. For instance, you could win the blue loyalty club of 500 points or the silver club of 2500 points.

You should note this:

Each of the rates gives an ample of appealing benefits and likewise grants you more affords like monthly casino bonuses, quicker cashouts, exclusive VIP activities, holidays and so on.

Download (in flash and on mobile) vs log in

You can try out Spin Palace’s mobile games either by means of your preferred web program or by downloading the free application and introducing it on your remote gadget. Microgaming programming reverse a smooth encounter of the two alternatives and depends on what is better for you and your gadget.

You’re also proposed to approach the full suite of more astounding games. Then again, in the event that it is of high need to safeguard memory space, play with the programs from the site. Notwithstanding what works for you, will be obliged.

Customer care support and live chats

Spin Palace supports live and email help 24 days every year and throughout the year. Every one of the inquiries that I had were cleared by the proficient and productive customer representative rapidly;

Pros and cons


  • There’s a mobile casino.
  • A lot of jackpots, plus progressives
  • A very strict and secure method of banking.
  • Numerous VIP Packages.
  • You can earn INR as currency
  • A very rewarding loyalty club program
  • The welcome bonus of $1000 is enormous
  • Gaming Authority license and eCOGRA certification


  • American players are not permitted. Just like a couple more (city) are restricted.

What does the FAQ section contain?

I’ve seen very common questions like is Spin palace legit? In my opinion, here are the most significant questions:

What is the legal age for casino play?

To partake in gambling club games, the lawful age in their very own purview or any age is higher, players must be in any event 18 years of age. Play at Spin Palace is restricted for minors.

Finally, is spin palace legit

Yes! Yes! And Yes! This is a no scam gambling site and I guarantee you that.

What are the wagering conditions?

Spin Palace organizes reward to dependable players by making certain offers or free gambling club credits open for players. Turn Palace gives amusement conceivable outcomes. These can be utilized to situate genuine wagers and win real money under specific terms and conditions. To see our energizing welcome bundle, it would be ideal if you press the necessary icon to achieve this.

How can I open my account with Spin Palace?

It’s quick and easy to begin at Spin Palace, and it just pauses for a moment to enlist in 3 stages for a free account.

To begin you should tap on the play presently catch, at that point you are moved to the first of three pages of enrollment. You should create your very own username and secret password. Also, round out your own subtleties, your preferred language, money and versatile number, and afterward go well.

How do I connect to my online casino account in Spin Palace?

You will need to do the following if you access your SpinPalace casino account online. To connect to the internet, connect the machine you are using. Get the casino software running, either with the Flash variant or with the complete software download which has a shortcut to your computer installed. On the casino’s primary screen, click on the “Connect” button. Enter in the dialog that appears your account number and password details.

When I want to withdraw (real money), why should I supply documentation?

For both the gambling club and the on-screen characters who appreciate it, the administrators demand the best security and have in this manner taken an uncommonly dynamic position in distinguishing real and fraudulent activities. Giving the required records when a withdrawal is being done is a typical necessity for the internet gaming industry and isn’t a push to defer the payout procedure.

The gambling club may need duplicates of approved identification papers from the player before it can pull back money from their account to conform to security conventions and as per eCOGRA, local and international financial arrangements.

Last words: why play at Spinpalace?

Spin Palace is a standout amongst other online gambling club areas on the planet and home to probably the most interesting club games accessible. In an energizing gaming condition that surpasses the desires for your gambling club gaming, everybody can play the best games and the greatest big stakes. Propelled in 2001, SpinPalace has set up at one of the most crowded online clubs existing and has had a significant impact on building up a worldwide gaming network for gambling club players, which is protected, more attractive and progressively straightforward.

I even went to some player gatherings, before I ended up at Spin Palace, since the site initially had a place with the Palace Group, which had some debate tailing it. In any case, on the off chance that you burrow further, it appears that the majority of the issues around Wagershare, its earlier offshoot program and a gathering called Buffalo Partners have all been handled, which is never again associated with Spin Palace or CityViews.

It’s essential to put it on, however, there is a ton that has gone up and discussed an extraordinary involvement with this gambling club since certain critics aren’t complementary.

If you don’t mind, remember that the sportsbook is novel so we won’t have much talk yet about the wagering administration in any case, aside from some who took more time to process, I found no new and rational information concerning player installments.

The different take Palace offers is an astonishing web-based betting chance. You have openings, video poker, table games, live sellers and sportsbooks, which likewise incorporate racebooks and e-sports that are ending up progressively normal.

On this, I prescribe this site (spinpalace.com) for players who need to gambling club games just as make a few bucks from it.

Julitta Zielinska